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Menu & Pricing

All cakes include design elements such as buttercream roses, borders, color designs, lettering, etc. Advanced designs such as fondant, sugar flowers, 3D sculptues, etc., call for a quote. If you have special type of cake or filling (not listed above) that you would like, I can absolutely work with you.

Pricing Per Serving

To find an estimate cost, multiply servings by one of the following listed below...

$3.50 Basic Cake & Filling with Buttercream Frosting

$3.75 Specialty Cake & Filling with Buttercream Frosting

$4.00 Basic Cake & Filling with Fondant

$4.25 Specialty Cake & Filling with Fondant

Add Ons

$ .25 added per serving for fresh fruit.

CALL for 3D Designs

Shape     Size


Round     6" 12
      8" 24
      10" 38
      12" 56
      14" 78
Square     6" 18
      8" 32
      10" 50
      12" 72
      14" 98
      16" 128
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Check all boxes that apply to the cake you're looking for, and specify in comment section on whether you would like different flavors for different tiers. (ex: bottom tier is a carrot cake w/cream cheese, middle tier is chocolate w/ raspberry, and top tier is spice w/ fudge)

Cake Flavors

Cake Fillings

Chocolate Cake American Buttercream*
Yellow Chocolate
Red Velvet  
Spice Cake  

Special Cake Flavors

Special Cake Fillings

  Vanilla Custard
* Not recommended for cakes that will be in hot weather for extended periods of time.
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